An update to the zip so that you can also benefit from the changes that have been made to the Hammer over the past few months.

Hammer beta 20190326
  • Synced any of the updates in DfRefactor back to the Hammer for the matching refactoring options.
    • Proper indent on case statement, single line if/else statements that have semicolumns, single line comments.
    • Much faster reindent process.
    • ReIndent on Type/End Type.
    • No ReIndent on Macro Command definitions

  • Worked on a few Hi DPI improvements. There was a resizing bug in the code explorer one could bump into at a DPI of 150% and up. Icons can get really tiny when working with TH3 on a high resolution. This is resolved using resizing for the codejock parts, but is still an issue on the treeviews. The icon resize option is only if you compile the Hammer with DF19.0+
  • The file explorer now automatically adds your libraries (this had to be done manually in the past)
  • If you have duplicate methods in your class/object then the duplicate method now shows up in the code explorer with a suffix "#duplicate"
  • Remember the current line after an automatic reload when an external editor makes a change to your file.

As always, see first post for the location on where to download.