Hi Kyle,

Maps in Dynamic AI are a special type of chart and are limited to the first grouping in a report which must also be the only grouping in the top level. You cannot have a map appear as the chart for more detailed level groupings that you would drill into.

If you specify a map as the main chart -- and the first grouping is not for data that aligns with the selected map, then you will get an empty map.

You might be able to get the effect you are after by combining multiple reports into a package (dashboard) where filters are shared in common across the multiple reports. Drill down can occur in each report independent of, and without affecting the other reports being displayed.

Also, FYI, on the "Options" tab page in report design, in the lower right, you can select from a drop-down, what behavior you want for other chart types on drill down. The choices are: Auto-select chart, keep specified chart, and no chart. Dynamic tries to select an appropriate chart based on the number of values in the grouping at each level, but sometimes the result is not the best, sometimes the original chart is better, and sometimes it is best to not to have a chart follow the drill-down path. You can choose -- just not maps!