Hello Michael,

No, it isn't always going to be 3 entries.
Your suggestion is fine but the JSON is provided by a third party, so, no way.

The provider gives me JSON like this calling other methods of his API
    "code": "Article1",
    "description": "Description of article 1",
    "img_path": "article1.jpg",
    "stock": "5"
    "code": "Article2",
    "description": "Description of article 2",
    "img_path": "article2.jpg",
    "stock": "14"
    "code": "Article3",
    "description": "Description of article 3",
    "img_path": "article3.jpg",
    "stock": "23"
So I just have to do the following at my side to be able to use JsonToDataType
Move ('{"articles":' + sJson + '}') to sJson
But in the example of this thread I don't see a way to get a proper JSON to make use of JsonToDataType and it seems that I will have to process it in the hard way.