Most cCJGrid/cCJDBGrid in DataFlex set pbVirtualMode to TRUE, that means DF runtime is the one who holds on to the data in the Grid. The Grid itself has no knowledge of what the data is, it only knows the dimensions of the data (as in how many rows/columns). Whenever the Grid needs to display a cell, the Grid asks DF as to what to display.

Having said all that, Ranorex will not be able to obtain the data from the Grid because the Grid doesn't know what the data is either. Most (if not all) automation tools use Microsoft Accessibility to reach into each user control to grab data, and the DF implementation of the Grid makes it nearly impossible to access the Grid data from outside of the program.

It will be nice if DAW can show us how we can implement Automatic Test Module (UI testing, not Unit Testing or Integration Test) in ANY automation tool.

Frank Cheng