I will log it as suggestion for the next revision to add a checkbox for this option.

Meanwhile, you could add an augmented DefaultXLSExportOptions function to your report(s) where the option is turned on.

Function DefaultXLSExportOptions Returns DRXLSExportOptions
	DRXLSExportOptions XLSExportOptions

	Move C_DRXLS2007 to XLSExportOptions.iXLSVersion
	Move C_DRNoSheets to XLSExportOptions.iNewSheet
	Move 30 to XLSExportOptions.iColumnWidth
	Move False to XLSExportOptions.bExportDataOnly
	Move True to XLSExportOptions.bExportPageSections
	Move True to XLSExportOptions.bExportReportSections
	Move True to XLSExportOptions.bExportGroupSections
	Move True to XLSExportOptions.bAllPages
	Move True to XLSExportOptions.bExportWithFormatting
	Move 1 to XLSExportOptions.iPage

	Function_Return XLSExportOptions