Following command causes compiler to run out of macro space:
  Procedure AddLine String s1 String s2 String s3 String s4 String s5 String s6 String s7 String s8 String s9 String sA ;
                    String sB String sC String sD String sE String sF String sG String sH String sI String sJ String sK ;
                    String sL String sM String sN String sO String sP String sQ String sR String sS String sT String sU ;
                    String sV String sW String sX String sY String sZ
Memory status commands no longer work, generate invalid literal
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwLength         as DWord // sizeof(MEMORYSTATUS)
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwMemoryLoad     as DWord // percent Of memory in use
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwTotalPhys      as DWord // bytes Of physical memory
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwAvailPhys      as DWord // free physical memory bytes
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwTotalPageFile  as DWord // bytes Of paging file
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwAvailPageFile  as DWord // free bytes Of paging file
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwTotalVirtual   as DWord // user bytes Of address space
   Field MEMORYSTATUS.dwAvailVirtual   as DWord // free user bytes
SUBTOTAL in BasicRport Object generates a command not found error
WinReport not available (in doc I believe)
Summary: 320 errors, in 747,116 line PRN file.