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Thread: CJToolBar hides my CJMenuBar

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    Default Re: CJToolBar hides my CJMenuBar

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Yes they are inside a command bar system. I have the toolbar in one pkg file and the menu in another. I put a Use customtoolbar.pkg in the src then use custommenu.pkg in the customtoolbar.pkg to make the menu the 1st object in the command bar system as the help file suggest.

    As i said as long as you run the application once without the object in my original post then run it a second time. Everything works great. It just seemed odd, and I wondered how that object could be the reason for it to not work originally. I have already gotten past the problem, curiosity was just killing me on the how or why factor.

    I look at piLayoutBuild and pbPreserveEnviornment. I think the settings in one of those two properties are the why. It may not have realized that the layout had changed. Again thanks for the insight.

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