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You can do this against your second bit of XML

    Get DocumentElement of hoXML2 to hoRoot2
    Send AddAttribute of hoRoot2 "xmlns" "http://www.irs.gov/efile"
    Get AppendNode of hoRoot1 hoRoot2 to hoRoot1
But you will get the NS repeated in the doc which is not wrong like a blank NS i.e. it is valid

If you really want no NS showing then I think you will have to
    Get DocumentElement of hoXML1 to hoRoot1
    Get AddElementNS of hoRoot1 "http://www.irs.gov/efile"  "ChildElement2" "" to hoElementC2
    ... then iterate the doc2 elements adding them to doc1 'by hand'
Thanks Focus I think you are right the actual NS repeated in the 2nd fragment (file #2) is OK - not redundant and hopefully acceptable to the government!