We've got a support call about DataFlex Content Manager 4.6 about the use of Flash. The support issue valid for version 4.6 and older.

Browsers nowadays block the use of Flash and this makes it impossible without change to upload files into a DataFlex Content Manager website. Without a change means that you can tell the browser that for one or more websites it is allowed to use Flash.

In Google Chrome you can do this via "Site settings". That is available via a right mouse click on the button that appears in front of the URL (e.g lock icon + secure). In the site settings you select "Allow" for the option Flash

We are working on a total replacement of Flash with regards to DataFlex Content Manager and it will be available under version 4.7. The version is being tested internally and when it is ready for release you will find a notice in this forum and via other communication channels. At this moment I cannot tell you when this version becomes available.