When working with other programming languages, I often come across different Lint (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lint_%28software%29) programs that would do some code analysis to the source code. Before you start jumping down my throat about the "clean up" tool that is in DF 19.1 alpha 2, I am aware of it, and I have tried it, and please hear me out

What I want, is something that would give more dire warnings about potential logic errors. You can turn on and off specific warning. Here are a few I can think about

#1 - Random forward send
Procedure ABC Integer iPage // It used to be Page_Object, but then got renamed / repurposed, and the developer forgot to take out the forward send
  Forward Send Page_Object iPage // Probably wrong to forward send
#2 - No forward send
Certain procedures/functions should probably always have Forward Send, like "Page_Object" or "Construct_Object"

#3 - Multiple Function augmentation
You have all seen/done it - Huge object / class definition, and you declare procedure "activate" or "page_object" twice.

#4 - Multiple Function augmentation (advance)
Mixin classes on the same level augmenting the same procedure/function.

#5 - Cross function if-else / extra else

#6 - Use uninitialize variable
I know that you don't have to initialize variable in VDF. As a good programming practice (plus all our programmers are working with many languages), always initialize variables before using it. I have been warned by C# compiler many times, almost always I was doing something bad when that happens.

#7 - Unused functions/procedures

AGAIN, this is only suggestion since I have been told many times that "The compiler can't check this/that", or "That's the way the language works". In fact I am planning on building something on the side. I am not asking DAW to build a Linter for DataFlex, I am only asking you guys' opinions on what you would like to check in VDF Lint.

Frank Cheng