I have a view that consists of a dBTabDialog. The dbTabdialog has 3 dbTabPages.
TabPages are entered by the mouse clicking on the tab.

dbTabPage1 is entered first.
This page contains a field CatalogNo This field is required

When TabPage2 is entered, Procedure Actilvate is executed.
Activate checks to see if CatalogNo contains a value. If no value has been entered, an error message is displayed.
after viewing the info_box error message, I'd like the display to return to Tabpage1

I can't find a command that will do this. I've tries
Send Request_Tab_Display to hhelp 0 (hhelp is a handle set to the tabpage1 object)
Send Switch_Prior_Area
Send Top_of_panel
Send Activate to (oTrainCatalog_CatalogNo(oDbTabPage1(oDbTabDialog1 (Self))))
Each has failed.

I've noticed that Send Request_Tab_Display to hhelp 0 works if it is not in the DbTabDialog
How can I get control to from one TTabPage to another in the Same DbTabDialog automatically?