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Hi michael

Is there any documentation or guidelines that you have followed to create your own drivers?
Is there anything at high level that could de shared?
I am not teying to reinvent the whell but there are a few areas that I would like to explore and I have no idea where and how to start.
Our first one was a long time ago for pervasive. It allowed us to create a pervasive table and then read and write blob object into the table. We also added a memory object class that we use to store and manipulate blob objects and it has connections to our richedit control as well.
Later when we switched to SQL Server we created a DLL with the same interface for SQL Server.

While we are still using this in some projects we have started using embedded SQL quite a while ago to read and write blobs from and to SQL Server tables.

We are storing different types of documents (RTF, PDF, HTML, etc) as well as photos