Just wondering what I missed for 2+ hours today on a simple basicreport view change to Wordpad from Notepad. Here is the pertinent code I wound up with in Procedure StartReport (working OK now) but wondering why the quote additions were needed. Path thing? or? Notepad obviously worked/works fine without the quotes added in dozens of reports. Users printing from the viewed version prompted the change, Wordpad seems to handle the FF's, at least better. Anyway, thanks for looking.

        If (iOutputDevice = PRINT_TO_WINDOW) Begin
            Move ('"' + sFileName + '"') to sFileNameQuoted
            Runprogram Wait "wordpad.exe" sFileNameQuoted // Wordpad prints pg breaks Notepad doesn't;
            // Be sure Wordpad set to NOT print page numbers; other defaults OK for viewing & printing
            EraseFile sFileName