Many regulars on this forum know my bias for Dynamic AI. Unless you need a business form, or a report with heavily formatted subheader/subtotal sections, I've found Dynamic AI unbeatable in terms of getting impressive result in a fraction of the time it takes me using the other tools you mention and the final result is interactive and web-based -- even when you embed it within a Windows app. When you're dealing with a 'LOT of data' you definitely want an SQL-based solution. The most common -- and fun-to-hear reaction I've gotten from users running Dynamic AI reports over the years is "I can't believe how fast it did that!" You do have to rethink you're concept of sub-reports when using it. But I have found the combination of SQL views and Dynamic AI's related drill-down reports to solve many reporting challenges that would have employed sub-reports in the other tools you mention, as well as Winprint or the old Basic Report class. I personally haven't used SQL Server Reporting services, but I have seen enough examples of what others have done with it to conclude that the amount of programming required makes that option far less attractive than Dynamic AI -- or Crystal and Dataflex Reports. You can find extensive information about Dynamic AI on DAW's web site and in the Dynamic AI forum.