Hi Martin

Thanks for your answer..

When I saw that FK/PK support was finally introduced in 19.0 announcement, I got really excited.

This projects I am working on, will be a mix of technologies, and there will be other applications consuming this same database, and I am in charge of the database layout. So I really dont want to drop my FKs, as this is really the only real protection to avoid data integrity issues due application coding errors. I know DF is really robust on that area, and issues on that nature are really rare, but I can't say the same thing for other technologies

So, Is there any plan to fully support Null FKs, in 19.1 ? If you say YES, I can drop the FK for now, as this project won't be released to production before 19.1 release I guess.

Or, Is there any workaround, that can be used to make CK issue the same command as it does when dealing with the table-global buffer only ?

Thanks in advance