Any ideas on rebuilding an entire database, read it out, read it back in almost a million notes, other files smaller.
Address file is damaged, File def in DF right, Mertech File definition is right, SQL definition is right. Last 3 fields of this file are reversed when saved. SQL sees the anomaly and reverses the save, deletes the data if it crashes. Can't edit the records at all from DFbrowser. The data looks like it staying whyen entered from the Webapp and stays as long as there is no crash writer can't read the data since it's not yet written to the mdf file. I've tried everything including reading the address file into a DF file, removing the sql flag. Deleting the table from sql, then recreating the table. These 3 fields are still wrong.

This weekend, I created a utility that rewrote the information in these fields to the correct columns. Thought I had it all fixed.
But.... even though the code specifically writes to the right fields, when saved, they are mixed up again. It's fine when not a sql table. Saves fine, the works. So it's either the mertech driver, which I doubt or the .mdf file altogether.

This was a new setup, taking a .mdf from another server that had these 3 fields wrong and moving it to this new server. i.e. I'm pretty dang sure it's the sql file. There's so much crap stored in a sql file other than data that it doesn't surprise me.

1. has anyone ever seen anything like this before?
2. What's the best way to take a hammer to the whole thing and rebuild the entire database, ALL tables from scratch
3. I have to make sure the record number stay intact so just reading it out and reading it in won't work...or will it.
4. I have a test bed with the same problem to try anything out on
5. Situation serious, need a solution quick

Thank you up front