Hi Martin

Thanks for the answer. I will test the system-table with your advice.. Can those detail be documented in the help. please ? If they are I was not able to find anything related to this on all pages that I looked for "system tables" information.

Regarding the Tablespace.. I performed more tests here, and it looks it was partially fixed.

After the "1st SQL Connect" , the INT created has no information about the table/index/lob tablespaces. So it looks the 1st connect is not capturing those information to save them in the int.

but, After the int is created, if you manually update those keywords manually in the INT, and perform a "Refresh" , the "Refresh" mechanism now is respecting the tablespace, and it's not loosing it anymore as it was in 18.2

I still didn't try to change a table definition to force a restructure operation initiated from DF Studio, with the int pre-updated, to see what happens, if it's going to preserve it or not.

Will try that and report back.