Why doesn't my 18.2/5.0.1 report work on my iPhone? Will upgrading to 19.0/6.1.5 make a difference? It could be a timing issue. The PDF is 18 pages in length.
IMHO timing should not be a problem at all as the PDF is created at the server and your web app source sends a request to get the file. So back to the research board and tell us what is going wrong. Then we might find a solution/answer. My experience is that PDF files on a mobile device are "always" downloaded instead of shown inside an HTML document but have to say I haven't found time to try Henry's custom control solution for showing a PDF.

Is the example code published? In my 18.2 app, the PDF is opened in a new tab. I much prefer the look of the C&B PDF report embedded within the view. Will you share this code.
The sample is not published but described in about 10 blog items on the blogs of this forum

BTW, HTML output might be okay, but I'm concerned that DR does not create one HTML document, but rather one HTML document per report page. I would think that decision should be left to the discretion of the developer. My customer needs to be able to search the document using Ctrl+F, serving the report up one page at a time defeats what I can do with a PDF.
There are two ways to create HTML output. One is via export and the other one is via HTMLPreviewData, this is the option used for the HTML viewer in the DataFlex Web Framework.