We have a report that counts payments, and it offers the user a lot of formatting choices. When all of the options are unchecked, it counts up the payments and prints only final totals. If those totals are so long that it fires a Page_top for the second page of totals, no payment-listing column headers print after Page_Top.

However, if the user has checked List Payments, or Daily Subtotals - for which the Subheader1 actions are desired - all that works fine in the body of the report. In Section Total, the first page omits the now unwanted payment-list column headers. But if the scope of the final totals is such that it triggers an overflow page, i.e. firing Page_Top again - that 2nd page DOES print the Subheader1 data that is not appropriate in the final totals.

We have tried a lot of workarounds to set up property conditions that should suppress Subheader1 doing anything. It's as if the properties are not evalkuated in real time. At the top of Section Total, we change the properties that denote ListPayments and DailySubtotals - two properties that are conditional for acting on the Subheader BeginHeader logic. In Section Total, we set both properties to zero. But it's as if it is too late for Subheader1 to pay attention to them.

Any ideas? It's as if Subheader1 looks only at the initial condition of conditional properties when the report launches, not dynamically in real time as (in this case) Section Total changes them.