The documentation for "Command" contains this for the description:

Command messages are sent from external controls. They are cancelled in this class.
That's all I can find. How do I cancel the message?

Here's the situation:

I'm trying to create a ComboForm that drops down a TreeView instead of traditional List. I've found DotNet code that does it, and I've found some C++ examples, so I know it can be done in Windows. Converting it to DF has not been easy, though. A lot of the code seems to require hooking to WndProc, which I can't seem to get to work. While searching for something along those lines, I did find in Combo_mx.pkg that there's code implementing Command that calls OnDropDown and OnCloseUp. But when I override that in a subclass and don't do a Forward Send to those methods, it just thumbs its nose at me and does it anyway...

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!