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This is a database maintenance tool for the native DataFlex database that I have developed and used since the year 2000. And it comes here in an open source version. Note that this is only good for the native DataFlex database.

What does it do? Check out the description page on vdf-guidance as there are a lot of info on the functions. It can repair, rebuild, resize and reindex the tables. It has a nice Auto button that I know my colleagues and our customers has come to love over the years as it solves many common issues with the native DataFlex tables. Ever had a status 4 - seek to unwritten error before? Try the Repair button. That might fix the table header that is causing the error. Filesize beginning to be a problem? Well no problem! Just run the Resize button (or the Auto button as it is a part of this) and all tables are checked and resized if needed.

Reindexing is build for speed! And it takes the current data folder into account so if you have multiple data folders the index files are created and updated in the right data folder.

There are some inactive leftover buttons that I have kept in the open source version. They were used for a backup/restore solution but that was coded specific for our applications and the made use of a licensed zip ocx control.

There is a complete log for every function.

Have fun!