Using DR6.1.5
Tested in DR6.2 but still has the same problem

We have a report that has 2 groupings. One for customer and then second for order#

Group#1 Customer
----Group#2 Order#
----Detail Section
Group#2 Order# Footer
Group#1 Customer Footer

In the Group#1 Customer footer - I set the reset page number option to true, In theory this should reset every time the customer record changes. It sort of does but the problem exists in the M part of the Page N of M.
Note: The Page N of M field is placed in the Group#1 Customer section that is repeated for every page.

I've created an example using the Order entry database - I've attached the actual report below and a PDF export of the data
In this example, watch the Page N of M as the page changes. You may notice that even though the Customer ID 2 should only have 19 pages, the M part of the Page N of M says it is 20. At page 20, the customer group value changes therefore it should reset the count back. It does this but again the M part is wrong.