Hi Roy

The trick is that DR entry can be automated by keyboard macro's sending {tab} delimited values.
I created a AHK script that takes rows and columns copied onto the clipboard from an Excel spreadsheet, and 'paste' these into DataFlex reports.
It works really well for up-to 100 columns, 100 records, goes a bit slower after, but have done thousands of records.

I created this when I had to convert a lot of reports and my workflow was:
- Create DataFlex program that an do both 'Create RDS datasource' and 'Dump from tables into CSV'.
- Open the CSV into Excel
- Obfuscate some sensitive data
- Create a quick unstyled DataFlex Reports report with RDS tables and paste the data into this report using this utility.
- Get an uni student to pretty up the report
- Hang into the DataFlex program connected to the 'real' data.

Anyway, if you have AutoHotKey you can use the script below.
#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
	Loop, parse, clipboard, `n, `r
		Line := A_LoopField
		Loop, parse, Line, %A_Tab%
			Send, %A_LoopField% {tab}
If you prefer to download the compiled version, download from my page http://www.28it.com.au/products/
When you run the utility, you see it active in your system tray. The script is activated by Ctrl+j.
Let me know how you go!

Kind regards