Object OpMT_Kont_sl is a dbModalPanel
    Set Location to 321 20
    Set Size to 134 691
    Set Label to "Offene Posten des angesprochenen MTtors"
    Set Border_Style to Border_Normal
    Set Minimize_Icon to False
    Object oOPMT_DD is a OPMT_DataDictionary
        Set DDO_Server to oMT_DD
        Procedure OnConstrain
           String sValidMT sOffeneOP
           Integer iObj iGeb
           Date dDate
           Get piKtoNr to sValidMT
           Get piObj to iObj
           Get piGeb to iGeb
           Get pdStatus to dDate 
           Move 0 to sOffeneOP
           If (sValidMT <> "0");
           Constrain OPMT.KTONR eq sValidMT
           If (sOffeneOP = "0");
           Constrain OPMT.STATUS eq 0
    Set Main_DD to oOpMT_DD
    Set Server  to oOpMT_DD
    Object oSelList is a cDbCJGridPromptList
        Set Size to 99 680
        Set Location to 8 6
        Set peAnchors to anAll
        Set peUpdateMode to umPromptValue
        Set Server to oOPMT_DD
        Set Ordering to 3
        //Set pbAutoOrdering to False
        //Send HeaderReorder 9
I have "Kont_sl is a dbModalPanel" and within the Object oSelList is a cDbCJGridPromptList
and I want that the oOPMT_DD with a Constrain is shown in the grid with Index 3.
But it is always shown with Index 4.

What is the matter and what do I wrong?
Any ideas?