I have had McAfee for several years, and have the most recent version since Oct 2017.
I updated my Laptop to window 10 Home Build 16299.rs3_release.170928-1534 in Dec 2017
I updated my Dataflex to 18.2 in January 2018

Prior to these updates, I have had no problems developing, editing, executing any Windows Dataflex apps.
After these updates McAfee finds "Real Protect errors and Quarantines some code. Eventually it made the Studio unusable (would not execute!!!) I had to turn off McAfee, remove Dataflex 18.2, reinstall. In McAfee, I had to EXCLUDE EVERY EXE FILE IN ALL OF THE DATAFLEX DIRECTORIES, AND ALL EXE FILES IN ANY WORK SPACES. McAfee keeps finding something it does not like in anything developed with Dataflex for Windows apps, including apps I developed in older versions of Visual Dataflex. . I can not confirm, if this is also true of the WEB applications.

While my work around seems to be working. I'm concerned about any applications I may develop and sell to a user who has McAfee as his antivirus/malware on his PC.

any suggestions?

Gail Thomas