Edgar,espero te encuentres bien.

It is unfortunate that you have decided to vent your frustrationsin our public forums. Considering the fact that we have been discussing your particularsituation between our head office in Miami and our subsidiary in Brazil forquite a while now. I understand your situation and appreciate the economic woesin Latin America as in other markets. That is why we tried working with you inoffering a special upgrade option. I know that you would prefer to pay verylittle to nothing for the subscription renewals / reinstatements but we cannotdo that.

Kindly note that our policy is that you cannot make anychanges/upgrades to licenses whose subscriptions have lapsed.

We have always tried to work with you in the past offering afair price as we have now with our latest offer to upgrade you to v19.

At this point, I suggest we take this discussion back to theprivate negotiation table where it started.

Un cordial saludo.