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    HI ALL

    I know that from these observations I will be rained with lightning and sparks.

    a. I have had a DF and DR subscription in the last 4 years (development license).
    b. I currently have my applications in DF182.
    c. My market sector is small and medium enterprises.
    d. I think I'm the only one who uses Dataflex in my country.
    e. I DO NOT have a subscription for RT licenses.

    I have spent 1 year in reprogramming and redesigning my applications in DF19 and today I want to take the step, my RT licenses do not work.
    I want to update them and the prices are disproportionate to the point that I declare bankruptcy because RT licenses for df19 cost me approximately 60 million in my local currency, of which I have only used 12%. Is it logical that user licenses are more expensive than the product we are marketing?

    I believe that DAC must review its pricing policy in the RT licenses, since that policy of subscription or punishment destroys the commercial growth of us and DF. How to recommend DF to my friends, programmers or students, if prices take it out of the market? A market in which MICROSOFT has free development tools and does not charge for distribution? In fact, my programmer friends suggest that I have changed for many years because of the cost evaluation they have done.

    When we update the DF version, are transparent technological changes for the final customer, if I upgrade the version to improve the code technologically, what interest would the customer have to pay more for something that does not add value to their operations?

    Today my case, I intend to go from DF182 to DF19 and I have an active subscription from DF and DR, I just want to change the version (not interrupted) and they punish me with an exorbitant price of RT licenses, does it make sense?

    Why have a RT license subscription, if once the product is sold to the end user this subscription payment is not recoverable? It becomes an expense that bleeds us.

    How to massify DF if it does not help us with marketing costs? Today the RT license plus taxes consumes the value of the final product.

    All Latin America is going through a difficult economic crisis in which the growth of companies is slowed down and with it the consumption of products that we create.
    An accounting program can be on average $ 800 with a VAT of 19% included. Some competitors come to offer their products up to $ 300 given the difficult conditions and software costs almost zero.

    I suggest

    a. That DAC eliminates the subscription for the RT licenses and only copper for the change of version with the same prices that today it charges for the subscription. Today it punishes with enormous prices those who do not have a subscription.
    b. Have preferential treatment with the countries of Latin America.
    c. RT licenses are for life or charge a minimum value for them.
    d. That the licenses are reusable.

    Today I am in the middle of a "grown river" that threatens to take my house.

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