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Thread: cDbComboForm - a Better dbComboForm DataFlex Class

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    Lightbulb cDbComboForm - a Better dbComboForm DataFlex Class


    Attached is, IMHO, a better dbComboForm class, it fixes some UI issues and then some.


    1. Auto-sizes the combo dropdown list to fit the widest combo item.
    2. Fixed issue where the combo-form’s text is selected/highlighted when the view is loaded for first-time with default values. Visually confusing when there are many combo-forms with default values


    1. Better Shadow state; When a combo-form is disabled, it doesn’t sit well with other form based controls. It has a different greyscale/colour, tooltips don’t work, etc. This is now fixed.
    2. Integrated suggestion list; The combo form now does a full text search of the value typed. F4 prompt and other combo-form feature still work as expected. The integrated suggestion list provides a better UX for keyboard driven data entry.
    3. Suppress obsolete items; mainly used with DD validation tables, obsolete items are denoted with descriptions starting with ‘@’ - the combo-form filters these entries.
      • For instance, if you wish to retire ‘FEDEXCOD’ ShipVia code – simply at a ‘@’ to its description, ie. ‘@Federal Express COD’
      • Although the FEDEXCOD will still be valid, it will not appear in the combo.

    To test, unzip attached file over the 'Order Entry Tab' workspace in DF19

    I've modified the 'Ship Via' combo to use the new cDbComboForm class.

    Note: For details see the ./Help/cDbComboForm_Help.pdf

    Making 2018 better !!!
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