I’m working on an old Ajax webapp, version 2.4 and have been banging my head against trying to get some listeners to work, specifically onAfterFind and onAfterClear. I've got a regular databound form where I've tried the lookup with both onAfterFind and onAfterFindByRowID. I've also tried it with a toolbar icon find and with F9, none work.

Same with Clear.

The initForm is being called, I've tested that. I've also put a listener in with onRefresh and that does work though it's called way too many times for it to be useful for what I need. The table is valid, there is a DD in the .wo for this table.

Suggestions anyone? Does anyone even remember this old product? :-)

function initForm_T9M30S2(oForm){
    var oDD = oForm.getDD("t9vchhr");


function onAfterFindt9vchhr(){

function onAfterCleart9vchhr(){