Using latest DF 19.0 release ( with the corresponding CK-Drivers.
DB2 Database back-end.

Timestamp column.

I can´t update/edit the column value from DB-Explorer. I am using the ISO date format in my windows settings "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.n"

The timestamp is properly showed in view mode in db-Explorer. but if you enter in Edit-Mode, you can´t type 2 digits for the day part (DD), it only accepts the 1st one and the next digit typed moves the cursor directly to the hour part.

Original Value shown bellow:
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Name:	DbExplorer_Timestamp_1.PNG 
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Now, if you try to edit it to something like '2018-01-11 ....' when you type the second 1 in the day portion, the cursor moves to the hour part.

And you end up with this:

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Name:	DbExplorer_Timestamp_2.PNG 
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