The files
TrainClass has 11 unique records and 1 field Train_class A25 , index and is a parent
TrainSubclass has numerous records.
Field 1 is Train_class A25 and related to file TrainClass.Train_Class
Field 2 is Train_SubClass A50 index contains 2 fields TrainClass.Train_class, TrainSubclass.Train_subclass
Trai8nCatalog has 24 fields, including the fields in TrainClass and TrainSubclass
this is a model train database program. TrainClass contains labels for the types of items being tracked (e.g. Steam Engines, Diesel Engines, Passenger cars etc.
TrainSubClass contains specifies the different types of items in each class category (some subClasses have more than 50 items each)

In my TrainCatalogEntry.vw The user selects a TrainClass, and moves into the TrainSubcclass field, I want the selection list to only show the subClass items for the selected class.
this dataentry fields in the TrainCatalog Enty contain the "parent" tables.fields

When I enter the TrainSubclass entry, the selection list is restricted the the subclassed for the selected class, but any selection gives me the error message Cannot refind record. If I try a second time, the selection works. When I tried to save a new TrainCatalogEntry record, I got an error message spedifying I need to specify an ID the TrainCatalog.Train_class field.

I had specified a relation ship for Class, subclass fields in TrainCatalog, and the record would not save, until I removed the relationships.

Please help

Gail thomas