I agree.
Any 10-year-old boy today can destroy and corrupt the brave native Dataflex bank by a cell if it invades the server.
My hope or heart shot, will be DF 64 Bits.
Unable to create an extra field in the 3.x DB Header, which registers an algorithm, where dbexplorer or data base builder, recognize a serial number developer.
That way, even as a developer and knower of the subject, I can not interfere with the embedded database of any of you or the opposite unless you have my dbExplorer or Database Builder.
I do not think, that this article leads to anything, as stated earlier by Mr. Vicent in my topic: Many Flowers once, that the answer was:
Re 2: There are no plans to enhance the DataFlex embedded database

We can not avoid an undue change, but it is difficult as follows:
1) Every development environment is on a local machine.
2) In production environment (Network), I do not install Dbexplorer or Data Base Builder in any location.
3) Since I do not use the Client DAW installation, I have created a proper system installation program, so I have control of what is being installed.
The dbAdminMode registry key is not created on any user machines.
From inside the system, with high level password, until I can change dbAdminMode, without showing the path of the stones.
If on some equipment you have this registry key, I will have the evidence to accuse the employee of bad faith.
4) Finally create a file: dbExplorer.ini in the \ Data area.


Unfortunately dbExplorer has an additional flaw, which even without dbAdminMode allows an Open As.
Vicent said that he would study the case, but this must be lost in the jungle of the forum and even that today such protection is inserted, just someone have an old dbExplorer copy.