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    Default A MailChimp API offering

    The attached basic Windows program shows you how to add a Member to a MailChimp List. To use it you need the following:

    1) A MailChimp account with at least one List.

    2) An API key. In your Account under Extras, you will find info on creating an API key.

    3) The ID number of your List. The getting started doc is relatively short and easy to follow. After reading it, I used the playground to GET my List. The ID is in the JSON that's returned.

    To create a new Member in your list, you need an MD5 hash of the lowercase value of the member's email address. Searching the forum, I found code contributed by Clive Richmond.

    The code uses Basic Authorization, not oAuth. Read about it here: The Base64EncodeString function in my code was in the DAW doc.

    Hopefully this will jump-start your use of this API.

    ps: the List ID & API Key in the code are bogus, you will need your own to run the program successfully.
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