Hi Bob,

I got this working in the end but I'll explain what I found just so you are aware.

To install to a web site other than Default Web Site I had to first create it in IIS so it would be handy (if technically possible) for the install to have this option to create the Web Site in IIS similar to the way it automatically creates the DynPool app pool. I wanted to keep things as standard as possible so I also had to manually create the physical path C:\Program Files (X86)\INT6.
When I ran the install it still put my DAI app and the demo DAI app under he Default Web Site even though I had selected the one I had manually created. Refer attachments.

In the end after having a chat with our guy we worked out that I could give the Default Web Site a Host Name so that it could keep the port 80 binding and wouldn't clash with Sharepoint. So in the end I didn't need a separate web site.

Once installed I wasn't able to immediately run DynamicAi. I first checked the DynPool to ensure I had set Enable 32bit Applications to True. After further investigation I found that the spnativerequestmodule.dll (some Sharepoint component) was trying to load which is a 64bit component. I needed to go to C:\Windows\System32\inetserv\config and modify applicationHost.config and add preCondition="bitness64" to the end of this module line under globalModules so that it only loads for 64 bit applications.