Hi All,

We are using the cGDIImage.pkg to create thumbnail files from a full sized image. We are already able to create thumbnails from a much larger image.

What we want to do is to have a standard dimensions such as 100 x 100 for a thumbnail image regardless of the size of the original image. We can create a 100 x 100 thumbnail easily by explicitly passing those values but the problem we encountered with this is that if the original image's height or width is less than that of the thumbnail, then the created thumbnail will become distorted as it will stretch it.

What we would want to try is to create a thumbnail image separately as 100 x 100 that will act as the background and then creating the thumbnail image while keeping its dimensions and then somehow merging these two together putting the thumbnail image on the foreground to get a full 100x100 with some whitespace because the image cannot fill the rest of the canvas.

So my question is, is there a way to do this and where should I start looking into this?

I hope that makes sense, ask questions if anything is not clear. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOLKS