Some of our users manually enter or import name and address fields containing special characters to support donors with European characters in their names. Sites that manually enter such names are using Character Map to generate them. Using its "Microsoft Sans Serif" character set seems to do the trick. Such names save and re-display the special characters.

If the app includes (ToAnsi( when it exports/prints such names/addresses, they output the special characters.

The app has a lookup table in which many different fields from the donor are written to "Lookup" records, so the user doesn't have to enter search data in the correct field. They just search. The special characters are reflect there also, and it causes trouble in the search order.

So, I experimented with reverting the text using (ToOEM( when saving the "Lookup" records. But that doesn't work, because DF changes the special characters to the underscore character, rendering the name unsearchable.

What we want is for a name such as


to save that way in the main record

but save in the Lookup records as


but what (ToOEM( saves it as, is...


I'm hoping to avoid creating a complex character replace function to use instead of (ToOEM(

Any ideas? Thanks!