At our company we have three product lines and three development teams. The product with the most users is developed with Java and Oracle. A smaller team is working with DataFlex and SQL Server. For a new product the company has choosen for the low-code development platform OutSystems (and SQL Server). When you see presentations, marketing materials and recommendations by Gartner and Forrester it is easy to understand why companies choose for OutSystems (or Mendix). It is the heaven on earth.

Software for healthcare is complicated and without telling secrets I can state that you might have questions about the promise of less development time. But that is not the point I want to make. The real issue is that DataFlex developers also want to be in the "low-code league". Or even better: in the "little bit more, but much more efficient code" league. With the DataFlex WebFramework we have the tools to compete. But without the marketing tools it is hard to convince potential customers that it is the right choice. Can and will Data Access do more in this area?