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    I have a report that includes a Group Footer that subtotals on a breakpoint. The data part works fine. But often, there's room for one more Group Footer just before the page break. But instead, it prints as the first item on the next page, disconnected from the details it is subtotaling.

    In DataFlex reports, I can compare "linecount" with "page_end" to calculate if the report could squeeze one more subtotal section at the end of the current page. In DR, I've worked in "Section Expert", testing various checkbox options. But, none of the Group Footer options seems to process as "Make it fit on same page". I realize that "if room permits" is based on the Group Footer height and the bottom margin. The report has 1" margins, so there is room to "make it fit", by fudging the normal pagecheck rules. It's when there really is room for one more group footer, but no more than that... make it fit.

    Can DR support a pagination exception described above? It's not that a user would say "That's a bug". It's that they'd say "Too bad those subtotals couldn't have ended the prior page just below its details, instead of being orphaned at the top of the next page".

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