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    FYI, from yesterday and today merged in one post (aside from the update in the top post)

    Hammer beta 20170912

    • Function autocomplete on return type would move the line with "Function_Return" to the first column in the line. This has been addressed. In addition the undo sequence has been improved (less steps needed to undo).
    • Refactored a bunch of code, added missing use statements for a less noisy Problem Resolution Panel in the Studio.
    • Testing Object Neighborhood refactor option on cEditorElementsView.pkg, found that tab characters caused detection to fail, fixed that.

    Hammer beta 20170913

    • Tested object neighborhood refactoring on cEditorEdit.pkg
    • New sciLexer.dll to include support for folding on cd_popup_object and cd_end_object
    • New Refactor option "re-indent".
    • No more autocomplete lists when editing a comment.
    • Object autocomplete list sometimes still displayed methods because it added back a level and added a method.
    • Brace matching now no longer happens at all in a comment.
    • Removed cd_popup_object and cd_end_object from the keyword list in CODEMAXEDIT.INI as it prevented to see them as scope list items.

    The main new feature here is the new refactor option "Re-Indent".

    What it does is for the current document to remove ALL of the current indentation.
    Then it processes the whole document and inserts your own preferred indentation. The settings for that are taken from your preferences on how many spaces you like for indentation and if you want tabs or spaces.

    This is especially useful if you have code that multiple developers have worked on with each their own preferences on how-to indent code.
    By applying the re-indent you can make one file look all the same with one quick "re-indent" call.

    Note that I exclude some things from the re-indentation logic.
    This might be due to my opinion on how code should look like, for now it is not configurable and I'm not sure I should make it configurable (too many choices is not good either)

    The following is excluded from re-indent and will be moved to the first character on the line:
    A "Use" statement
    The following compiler directives: #include, #IF, #IFDEF, #ENDIF

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