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    Default Need your help translating Hammer 3


    As Hammer 3 is moving forward in the direction of becoming a useful development tool, we do need your help in translating the user interface into your local language.
    At this moment in time, only English and Russian are supported and we would love to support more languages.

    For an example of how the Hammer 3 looks like in Russian language see this post:

    It is fairly easy to start translating.

    First download the current Hammer3 zip from:
    (that page always has the latest zip)

    Then unzip, register the workspace into a DataFlex version DataFlex 18.1 or higher.

    Compile and run.

    Under the help menu there's an option to change the language at runtime.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	translateMenu.png 
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ID:	11208

    You can switch the language at runtime down there.

    If you try this and switch to Russian then you're going to see this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RussianWrongCodePage.png 
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Size:	31.6 KB 
ID:	11209
    yeah. I know, it doesn't look like Russian or even Cyrillic, but that's because you are not using the correct codepage on your computer. A classic problem with DataFlex, but if you had setup the correct codepage you'll get the screenshot from the first link.
    The translation works very well, provided your codepage is setup correctly.

    OK, with that out of the way.

    Here's how to translate.

    Go to the program's folder.
    Copy the english.lng to a new file and rename it to your local language, eg. for Dutch that would be Dutch.lng. Please use english filenames here as the filename is used as a menu option.

    Then open the file into a plain text editor (You can use The Hammer or use any other editor you are comfortable with)
    Just start translating:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vertaalHammer.png 
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    The Hammer sees that file immediately and you can see the results if you switch languages under the Help menu:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	translateStart.png 
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ID:	11211

    That's about it.

    The .lng file format looks like:
    // Is a comment (ignored)
    // Format:

    We need ALL not currently supported languages (including Dutch.lng as I'd rather focus on other parts)

    Please reply to this thread if you can help translating and what language you will take care of.

    Thank You!

    edit: I was wrong about not being able to use The Hammer for editing the translation files, as in my test I had forgotten to change the script under fonts to Cyrillic, so my test that I did with Russian was flawed. Yay, Hammer 1, me 0
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