Unfortunately this doesn't work very well when in a production environment and using dbBldr. First, the Recnum Table checkbox is shadowed so it can't be changed

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So I generated a .Def from my development environment where I was able to remove the Recnum, copied it to production and after removing the table from FileList & deleting it from SSMS, I used dbBldr to recreate it. All seemed to go well until I began to try and use it. Both dbBldr and dbExplor insisted that my new, non identity ID column was indeed an identity column. Just to test it I attempted to force a restructure in it with dbBldr by adding a new column to the end of the list. It blew up with the following error

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In the dbBldr identity parameters I have no idea what the following means, help doesn't say and it's shadowed anyway.

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I looked at the ID column in SSMS and it was set to Identity = "Yes" so turned it off. Now I could save new records in it with dbExplor and dbBldr.

This did work with the Studio but clearly there's more work to do with dbBldr. It HAS to be able to do the same work as the Studio and vice versa. Removing a Recnum column is admittedly nothing everyone does every day but it does come up from time to time when updating older tables. Others have posted the same question(s) so it isn't just me.

Ultimately removing the identity column setting in SSMS allowed all to work correctly but it shouldn't have been set that way, it seems like a carryover from the old Recnum column.