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Thread: DataFlex Reports 2017 (v6.0) Released

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    Default DataFlex Reports 2017 (v6.0) Released

    Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2017 (v6.0) Release.

    You can download the Developer and/or Standard edition installers from


    • Font sizes are calculated differently in version 6.0 of DataFlex Reports. This can have an effect on the layout of existing 5.0 reports.
    • Reports saved with the 6.0 product cannot be opened and used in earlier versions of DataFlex Reports (v5.0.1 and older). DataFlex Reports 6.0 Studio can load older report definitions. Executing the reports created with older version may lead to different results.
    • During installation of the developer edition you can choose if you want to install the Maintenance tool (default selected). Prior to DataFlex Reports v5 this was a separate download option. You can use this tool to upgrade reports from older versions to the current version, perform a check database and update an DR.DB file.
    • During installation of the developer edition you can choose to let the installer copy the DataFlex Reports Developer Edition help files to your DataFlex 19.0 environment. The DataFlex help system automatically picks up the two new help files starting with the upcoming RC II of DataFlex 19.0. Help integration will not work with DataFlex 19.0 RC I or older (e.g. DataFlex 18). If at any time the help files are removed you need to manually copy them again to your DataFlex help folder.
    • DataFlex Reports v6.0 can run side-by-side with previous version such as v5.x.
    • This version runs in a 60 day evaluation modus. Do not use the v5 (or older) registration codes. New codes will be provided to the subscription holders very soon.
    • The integration library contains many changes that apply to Windows, Web Desktop and Web Drill-down style applications. An existing DataFlexReports folder in the AppHtml folder of your web application needs to be removed and it will be replaced by a fresh copy from the library while attaching the library. We don't support the old javascript and CSS files (folders) in v5.0 as they needed a number of changes.
    • The PDF user and developer guides are no longer available and replaced by a more up-to-date help file.

    For a full list of changes go the download page and read about the new features or download and read the readme files for the Developer or Standard Editions.
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