I am trying to figure out the correct format to create a calendar event. Once I get one thing working, I'll get the rest of it. I have

"https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar as the scope. The login appears, it gets authorized and I get a token. You documentation and examples made that fairly easy. Thank you Mike Peat for that.

The operation calendarList returns just fine although I noticed the L needs to be capitalized and the c lower case.
The content is the part that gets me. The docs say you must provide 3 pieces of information but not how to format them.

You need the calendarId: or Id:, the start: and stop: times as a minimum. The Id is your gmail email address or just primary.
It says here https://developers.google.com/google...darList/insert how to use the insert command and the format referred to as the "body" The body is using a typical PHP type format. Just exactly what should be typed into the content area and the operation to get it to create a calendar event? Has anyone done this yet? Thanks ahead of time.