Hello to all,

we are testing a new SDK library ( DSIVirtualPrinterDriver) we created it
to use with our new release of INFODOC for Document Managment. With this
library it is possible to capture any printed document coming from any
programs installed on local machine or any other Windows Client on the
Network. Instead to be printed the document is saved like TIF multipages or
PDF and it is also saved on the DIR location you wish, it is possible also
to save automatically the location and name of the TIF or PDF on your
database application.
A small VDF application will allow you to redirect the converted image
where you want. it is able to talking with any other Running application,
that will be informed when one printed file is captured, giving you the the
name and the location. You need to add only few rows and one package on your
application to make it able to talk with DSIVPD

I would like to know how many people should be interested to use this kind
of library with their application
This library require also to install our last Visual Imaging ActiveX 4.1
library that will be released at end of january. (now in beta)

One of the best real worl application for DSIVPD: If you have such ERP
application, you can easily allow the end user to archive any application
generated print like a TIF saving it for future use "Print, Email, View on
screen". It can be used with the other one additional library "Dimatech",
that allow you to Sign the TIF file and or add to it a TimeStamp to the
generated file for any legal purpose.

for any further information send email to : franco-s@dataflex.it

Franco Spinella