Does anyone here use FedEx Ship Manager Server (FSMS) with a DataFlex app? A few years back, we switched from using ClipperShip for our shipping label generation to using FedEx Web Services. In the time since, there have been a couple times when either their Web Services or our internet went down, bringing our shipping to a screeching halt. When we asked our FedEx rep about possible workarounds, one of the suggestions they made to us was to implement FSMS, either as a fallback to a Web Services outage or as a new primary source with Web Services as a fallback . (Ironically, that's what ClipperShip uses as a backend to FedEx, and we'd JUST gotten done decommissioning the server where it was installed and running...)

Before I spend all the time 1) trying to figure out if it can even be done, since it's based on socket connections, and if so, 2) coding it all up, I thought I'd put out a feeler to see if anyone's already done it.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!