I have a little project on the go currently that involves a connection to a proprietary form of Access. I can login fine to the database but then the issues begin.

I get a couple of issues:
1) I can find data in my test application but when i close the application i get an access violation error.
2) If i open the data in database explorer it does not display correctly and I am unable to make changes to the table structure.
3) If I try to save data using the following code

    Object oButton1 is a Button
        Set Location to 71 74
        Set Label to 'oButton1'
        // fires when the button is clicked
        Procedure OnClick
Showln ARCUST1.CustomerCode            
            Clear ARCUST1
Showln ARCUST1.CustomerCode
Showln "inside lock"
            Move "999999" to ARCUST1.CustomerCode
            SaveRecord ARCUST1
            Find eq ARCUST1 by 1
Showln ARCUST1.CustomerCode
        Set Value of (oARCUST1_CustomerName(otestview)) to ARCUST1.CustomerName
I get this error

S:\****\Website\DataTransfer\Programs\DataTransfer .exe
General error. 42000 (-1)--[****][ODBC 03.51 Driver]SELECT statements only Table = ARCUST (2)

Error: 12289
Error Source = ODBC_DRV.Save

MSG_ONCLICK (4637) - oButton1 (245) - at address 77307
MSG_COMMAND (648) - oButton1 (245) - in native code
[start] - at address 77338

I have tried accessing the data from excel and it loads the data correctly but then it crashes.

Does anyone have suggestions to the above?

Many thanks in advance.