I'm really glad I brought the subject up, some great information that you'd never see anywhere else here. Earlier I documented what I do. Periodically I disconnect, remove the log, reconnect, good to go for another 6-8 months. It would be wonderful to never have to worry about it and once every few years, I forget at one of my clients and all heck breaks loose for 30 minutes while I get online, take care of it, and make my apologies afterwards. But doing this method always works, doesn't play with indexes, I don't like using shrinking, I do clean up the indexes nightly though through maintenance to keep the speed up. I don't think once every 6 months for an active database is such a big deal. If you haven't done an investigation of a site you are supposed to be taking care of in six months, that's not a client or you aren't doing your job. If they are, check the disk space once in a while. Not a bad idea for a lot of reasons, not just for SQL.