Is there a reason that a (large) number of events aren't in the Events list in the Properties panel? This is something that as a fairly new user of DataFlex has been a large source of irritation and frustration to me since I started working in the language.

For example, I wanted to use a non-DB CJGrid to show data that could come from a couple different tables. Filling it is fairly straightforward. But now we want to allow users to delete data from the underlying table. "No problem," I think, "I'll just hook into the right event from the Events list." Unfortunately, there's nothing in the list.

After talking to a couple other developers, it turns out the event I need is Request_Delete. It's in the Help file (under Methods, which also doesn't make sense to me...), but it's NOT in the Events list.

So, why did it require so much digging to find the hook to what I would consider a fairly important event?

This is not the only time I've encountered missing Events, either. Some are undocumented, but some (like this) are in the Help file. It's just when it happened today, I stopped and thought "Hey, maybe DataAccess isn't aware or doesn't realize how much of a problem this is for its users..."

If it's simply because it's a Method and not an Event, then why isn't there a Methods tab in the Properties panel?