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Thread: Multi selection cWebList almost there (maybe a bug-report)

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    Default Re: Multi selection cWebList almost there (maybe a bug-report)

    ViewProbeIntoMultiSelectListSBS.woName:  unchecked-checkbox-16.png
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Size:  383 BytesName:  checked-checkbox-16.png
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    Hi Sture,

    Thanks for the class level work!!!

    I want to incorporate multi-select into existing complex views with pbDataAware lists, so I'm only focusing on data aware lists at the moment. I took your test view and augmented it as follows:

    I added a property wpbMultiSelect Mode which controls whether the list is to work in 'normal' mode or 'multi-select' mode. In normal mode, row navigation and clicking does not perform checkbox toggling. The user can toggle the checkbox column header to change modes (caption = '---' for multi-select off, caption ' X' for on). Obviously this is a user training issue. I clear the wpaSelectedRowIds array when multi-select is turned off.

    This seems to work well except that the checkbox column always shows. Not sure if there is a way to dismiss it via a dynamic CSS change.

    I also implemented an alternative solution using a cWebListColumnImage column which responds to a copy of your existing row toggling logic used to set the checkbox. In this case, I leave the column blank (no images) when multi-select is off, and use checked and unchecked images otherwise. This seems to work well.

    I also placed a list filter (All customers, current customer only) on the weblist to verify this can set the mode to false and clear the selections as the filter changes. There may be other ways to handle this inherently in the list.

    I made all changes at the view level so as not to pollute your class work. I can subclass later if needbe.

    I have attached ViewProbeIntoMultiSelectListSBS.wo and two .png files for checked and unchecked images. Place the latter in the standard appthtmlimages folder.

    Let me know what you think so far. Still some quirky bugs, but intermittent.

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