Hi All,

This is different Job request!!!

Dataflex is an exceptional fast tool for developing webapplications. But there is one crucial part missing.

Dataflex Webapps are not native and can't be placed in the AppStore from Apple or Playstore from Android.
Dataflex Webapps can't use all the nice gadgets that are included in today's mobile hardware either.

Phonecap/Cordova could solve this gap - i think-, creating a native wrapper around the Dataflex webapp

Several requests at the addres of Data Access to supply me/us with a 'solution' were dismissed. Not a priority.
So i thought. Maybe there is someone out there that can do it for me.

Q: Can anyone give me a quote on supplying me with the technology/solution to create native apps with Dataflex, get the apps qualified for the iOS Appstore and Android Playstore, have a local storage of (temparay) data and use all the hardware (camera, motion, gps, etc) in my mobile device from within the Dataflex Code?

See what happens.....

Roel Westhoff
W4 Software & Consultancy BV
Nuth Netherlands
E: roel.westhoff@w4sc.nl